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Since the 1990s, genetically engineered (or genetically modified, GM for short) crop plants have been developed by a number of trans-national corporations, especially Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta. These corporations have spent billions of dollars trying to persuade us that their products are good for the planet and good for people. Many scientists, as well as ordinary, intelligent people, think that GM crops could be dangerous to other living things and disastrous for the health and well-being of many species, including our own.

A documentary about Monsanto, that most Americans will never see.

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We invite you to read for yourselves what has been published about genetic engineering, gm food and gm crops and decide for yourself if you agree with the people who stand to profit from them that they are a good thing, or if you side with those who think that interfering with the genetic structure of living things is a step too far, given that we do not have a great record of stewardship of our planet.

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Genetically modified food has been around since before the beginning of this century. The corporations who manufacture and sell it would prefer that we paid no attention to the fact that DNA was interfered with in its production: they say that it is 'just the same' as the food we have always eaten. Meanwhile, cancers of the digestive tract have steadily increased and more people die from diet-related illness than ever before. Is there a connection? They would rather we didn't ask that question.

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